Charles1 [chärlz]
[Fr < ML Carolus or Gmc Karl, lit., full-grown; akin to OE ceorl, CHURL]
a masculine name: dim. Charley, Charlie, Chuck; var. Carl, Karl; equiv. L. Carolus, Ger. Carl, Karl, It. Carlo, Sp. Carlos, Du. Karel; fem. Charlene, Charlotte, Caroline
Charles2 [chärlz]
1. Prince 1948- ; Prince of Wales: son of Elizabeth II
2. Charles I A.D. 823-877; king of France (843-877) &, as Charles II, Holy Roman Emperor (875-877): called the Bald
3. Charles I (born Charles Stuart) 1600-49; king of England, Scotland, & Ireland (1625-49): beheaded
4. Charles I (born Charles Francis Joseph) 1887-1922; emperor of Austria &, as Charles IV, king of Hungary (1916-18): forced to abdicate
6. Charles II 1630-85; king of England, Scotland, & Ireland (1660-85)
7. Charles IV 1294-1328; king of France (1322-28): called the Fair
8. Charles IV 1748-1819; king of Spain (1788-1808): forced to abdicate by Napoleon I
9. Charles V 1337-80; king of France (1364-80): called the Wise
10. Charles V 1500-58; Holy Roman Emperor (1519-56) &, as Charles I, king of Spain (1516-56): abdicated
11. 1368-1422: king of France (1380-1422): called the Well-Beloved
12. Charles VII 1403-61; king of France (1422-61): called the Victorious
13. Charles VIII (born Charles Albert) 1697-1745; Holy Roman Emperor (1742-45)
14. Charles XIV (John) see BERNADOTTE Jean Baptiste Jules
15. Ray (born Ray Charles Robinson) 1930-2004; U.S. rhythm-and-blues musician, singer, & composer
Charles3 [chärlz]
[after CHARLES I of England: see CHARLES2 Prince]
1. river in E Mass., flowing into Boston Bay: c. 60 mi (97 km)
2. Cape cape in SE Va., at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, forming the tip of Delmarva Peninsula

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